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PATASKA History and taste

The Pataska is a spicy stew of mote (boiled maize) with charqui (salted/dried meat) and potatoes.
In the Feast of Crosses in Ayacucho, Perú, the young men cook pataska.
In Chiu Chiu, an Ancestral Atacameño town in Region II of Chile, the pataska is also prepared. The villagers believe that the pataska is part of the Antay tradition .

Pataska is a Quechua word that means "grains of maize prepared like mote that burst when is cooked".

The chronicles about the Conquest of Perú, tell us that the Inca Atahualpa was murdered by the followers of Pizarro, and his body was showed to terrify others natives in the main square of Cajamarca. On the following day, the head of the Inca disappeared. The natives belived that the head had been buried in some place of Peru, waiting for a new Inca that would growth from it.
This legend is well-known like the Inkarri.
At the present time, in the crosses of many Peruvian towns and in special in the district of Luricocha-Ayacucho there is a picture of Jesus Christ.

Ingredients for 6 people:
·400 gr. of boiled maize.
·1 kg of groound lamb
·1 kg of Mondongo (entrails ) (cut into small pieces)
·2 roasted yellow dry red peppers
·garlic, pepper, comine and salt to taste
·fresh oregano
·4 liters water

Soak mote during 2 days. In a large pot with oil, frie garlic and the red peppers. When they take color, put the meats, mondongo and mote into the pot. Cover with water and let cook by 3 hours. When it is ready, add the oregano and parsley. To serve hot.

Source: Rodolfo Tafur -